Reduce costs and environmental footprint

Maritime sector is undergoing major transformations due to drastic restrictions on polluting emissions. Changing fuel on ships requires huge investments that cannot be made in a few years.

We propose a fuel treatment solution used that can more than offset the extra costs associated with the use of “scrubbers”.

> Reduce emissions of pollutants and fine particulate matter by 30-50%

> Reduce consumption by 7 to 9%

> Lower maintenance costs!

Our process optimizes engine consumption while maintaining their optimal performance. Long-term tests over one year and 200,000 miles travelled have measured fuel gains and, above all, the reduction in fine particulate emissions that are the target of current regulations.

The immediate solution to reduce emissionspollutants is the installation of scrubbers on ships; In addition to the costinstallation costs, maintenance and effluent reprocessing costs areImportant. In addition, the use of a scrubber increases by 3 to 5%ship consumption.

Reducing the production of fine particles; scrubbers work less and effluents are reduced in proportion.

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