95% of existing ships concerned

IMO2020 upcoming reglementations are so strict taht many shipowners are seeking solutions to reduce pollution and consumptions. AIGA SAS wil reach them with this new project aimig to certify savings and pollution reductions with their catalyzers, which are efficient with gas and fuel heaters.

We started a certifying project which will measure savings on the main engine and auxiliairy generators of cargoes.

This project will quantify and certify savings you can achieve with our fuel catalyzers

Can you imagine at least 7% fuel savings and 50% NOx, SOx and particles less from your boats ?


Expected fuel savings starting from 7%

Our test ship is equipped with a two strokes 6-cylinders diesel engine from MAN, delivering nearly 18.000 kW and with 3 auxiliary DAIHATSU 650kW generators.

Avrage daily HFO consumption on journey is 28 T each day, 250 days per year.

All engines are fueled with HFO or DIESEL on demand by a single fuel circuit.


50% pollution less!

In order to certify savings, each engine will be aquipped with Marine-certified flowmeters and smoke analysors.

This way, shipowners will carry out with IMO2020 regulations constraints faster and cheaper than with existing solutions (scrubbers, hydrogen or solar engines, …)

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Certified savings for marine project launched !

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