ATP-Metrics Diagnostics

The quantitative ATP-Meter measures the active biomass present in the networks. It is an indicator of circulating and/or released flora.

She allows to :

  • better understand the reactions between bacteria and hydraulics depending on the events
  • Search and target bacteriological disorders in real time in sanitary facilities without going through the laboratory
  • Adopt a suitable strategy depending on the installation

Diagnosis based on measuring the proliferation of all microorganisms makes it possible to:

  • qualify the bacteriological state of cold and hot water networks
  • detect the part of the installation – the filter for example – which contaminates the network and correct the faults
  • determine work emergencies related to water quality rank
  • the priorities for intervention in the buildings studied.

In short, to conduct a real curative and preventive plan in high-risk sites such as hospitals or spas

AIGA SAS uses the flora quantification technique by ATP-Metrie, provided by GL-BIOControl.

What is ATP-Metrie? Download

This method of investigation – immediate and inexpensive – allows us to offer you a guarantee of results based on periodic campaigns to measure the biofilm present (or rather absent) from your networks when a NewIonic™ device is installed.

Application example


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