The power to change the energy costs of combustion

The energy yield of combustion is traditionally linked to the calorific value of the combustible. But we should not forget that in the combustion process, a not inconsiderable part of the energy of each molecule of hydrocarbon is used to break the links between hydrogen and carbon. Our principle reduces the energy required for this dissociation, and mathematically augments the heat content of the reaction. This supplementary energy should be recognised and understood by the system regulating the combustion. In general, a modulating burner will reduce the gas flow to obtain the same effect, the cycles being shortened by the two-speed burners. In all cases, regulating combustion will allow its efficiency to be optimised (reduction of excess air intake, etc).


  • -7% minimum for hot water boiler
  • -5% minimum for ovens and steam boilers
  • -7% for trucks and engines

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