The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is at the forefront of ecological innovation and uses a water washing solution (without perchlorethylene) to wash its laundry (Lagoon® Advanced Care from Electrolux).

This is why he has trusted NEWIONIC® products for 10 years for the water in his laundromat, thus increasing the effectiveness of the detergents by conditioning the washing water.

2017, Vigipirate and pilling!

But in 2017, clothes felt and pilling again. Change of detergent? Loss of effectiveness of NEWIONIC™ products? It is not so ! We changed the conditioners out of conscience, it didn’t change anything.

It turns out that this loss of washing efficiency coincides with the increase in the level of the VIGIPIRATE plan, which imposes over-chlorination of drinking water everywhere in France and in Monaco.

This large amount of chlorine interacts with most fabric softeners, visibly neutralizing their effectiveness.

AIGA SAS therefore completed its process on arrival of the water from the laundromat. The laundry is again well washed and no more pilling!

MONACO – Ecological laundry!

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