Psychiatric hospital of Cadillac (33) renovates a large hot and cold water networks renovation project 13 buildings installed amongst a big tree-planted area. Renovating these networks is thud a complec project.

Gigantic tasks ?

Such complex and costly project was firstly estimated longing for years. AIGA SAS helps to prioritize renovation tasks. ATP measurements identified safest building and those critical buildings where bacteria and biofilm were above risk level.

This preliminary study showed that cold water networks were in very good conditions, and that only some parts of hot water network needed to be renovated quickly.

Project will last sooner and will cost less than expected !

Savings were enough to equip the first two renovated buildong with anti-tartar and anti-bacteria AIGA SAS equipments.

ATP Measurement: bioluminescence based technique for quantization of living organisms in water. This measurements are accurate enough to know the pathogenic risk level in drinking-water networks.

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