AIGA, Saving resources

Saving environment is a state of mind which consists of proving that it is possible to use natural resources without abusing them. Water is the basic element of life on earth. We simply want to keep it in its original state. Another subject : reducing consumption will allow a reduction in CO2 gas emissions, and extending their use while waiting for viable energy substitutes. An independent company specialising in the ecological treatment of water and in energy efficiency, we have 15 years’ experience in the development and distribution of solutions of the physical treatment of fluids, especially in the industrial, hospital, commercial, agri-food or housing sectors. We have brought our clients innovative and economic solutions to problems of limescale in their networks, bacteriological contamination without discharge, as well as significant economies in gas or fuel. Programmed obsolescence has no place in our way of thinking!

The spirit of innovation

AIGA SAS offers a real technological breakthrough, associated with a range of services allowing a safe transition as compared to current usage. And to prove the effectiveness of our processes, all our equipment is monitored on site with a contractual commitment to results, based on a precisely adapted protocol. For this, we use ways of measuring the biomass such as ATP metry, or recorded and registered heat assessments. No application is beyond us We have tested all types of water treatment (sea water, water for drilling, thermal water, brine and of course, drinking and consumable water).  

Durable development

To innovate is necessarily to sign up to a long-term point of view. Consequently, we adopt 3 approaches:

  • for business, by promoting the creation of jobs in development sectors.

  • with our customers, by helping to reduce costs and their environmental footprint in complete safety, over time,
  • with our associates, by offering them humanely satisfying and technically innovative projects,
  • for business, by promoting the creation of jobs in development sectors.

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