Treatment of the water in the cooling towers makes it possible to avoid industrial and health risk factors such as scaling, corrosion, fouling, and water quality. Now the towers are subject to new provisions which it is essential to take into account.

These new guidelines have as their main focus the limitation of the use of products that are harmful to the environment (such as chemicals) and the treatment of waste. Very often, the effects of these products on the environment are unknown to operators. The purpose of these measures is to eliminate the injection of non-oxidizing biocides unless it is demonstrated that no other solution exists. Finally, these new measures offer the operator the possibility of using any treatment process, physical or chemical, which has proven its effectiveness in managing the risk of proliferation.

Water treatment for cooling circuits is currently undergoing a major upheaval.

Ready-to-use ECOTEC module

The ECOTEC treatment solution is a solution in line with this evolution.

Anti-scaling – Descaling – Anti-corrosion – Debiofilming – Anti-bacterial

• Cost containment

• Zero chemical effluent discharges

• Optimal risk management

ECOPTIMUM global monitoring supports operators on their water treatment monitoring needs on the TARs. The ECOTEC-ECOPTIMUM alliance is an innovative response to these regulations for a treatment ecological and efficient water supply, thanks to a unique process acting on the tartar, bacteria and biofilm.

These provisions applicable on January 1, 2014, therefore take a positive direction in the direction of reducing water pollution.

TAR: restriction of authorized chemical treatments

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