In the SIVOM of Quesques, the drilling water has a high hardness like everywhere in the North of France. A scaling problem pipes obstructs the strainers intended for the filling of the trucks firefighter. The extent of the network is an additional constraint. With the installation of the borehole water treatment system by magnetic polarization, the result is visible: the common remark gradual descaling of equipment from the first weeks of use. At the same time the scaling of the network is stopped. She then decided to equip other areas gradually.

The implementation is carried out in two tranches: a first of 75 m3/H, and a second that will complete the maximum distribution flow rates in case of fire.

Shortly after, a neighboring agglomeration also encounters this problem scaling. The SIVU Campagne les Hesdin realizes that its network of distribution is also in the process of being closed. In addition, a hospital is served by the same network. Observing the conclusive result obtained at Quesques, the municipality decided to install this same system on the city power station.

After the installation of the process, the clogging by scale (Calcium Carbonate) is stopped. The New-Ionic™ system is not only a preventive solution, but also a curative one, including in cold water. The treatment of water with this process consists of a permanent and definitive modification of the crystalline form of the scale crystals which is perceptible over several kilometers of network; thus, the water remains fully compliant with the rules of potability, without modifying its physico-chemical qualities.

Strainer problem. Closing of terminals at Hospital center in a few months

New-Ionic™ device installation Curative and preventive effect

Water quality: the municipalities continue the deployment

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