Distributing and storing healthy, non-scaling water without chemicals

The NEW IONIC® magnetic descaling treatment brings a proven solution to  problems of limescale and bacteria without affecting physico-chemical properties of water. Without consumables, and with reduced maintenance, our systems allow for continuous and reliable management of internal water networks, without use of chemicals.

AIGA SAS has a wealth of experience of over 15 years on the technology known as ‘magnetic polarisation’. Guaranteed effectiveness of our equipment is based on the use of new high-performance materials (rare earth elements), more widely used in eco-technology. Breaking with the so-called ‘traditional’ way of treating water, we provide unique, combined systems which are appropriate to our clients’ demands:

  • ANTI-LIMESCALE : changes to the crystalline structure of the CaCO3
  • DE-SCALING : progressive weaking of the limescale particles
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL : reduction of bacteria passing through the equipment
  • DE-BIOFILMING :destabilisation then dislodging of biofilm

Easy and quick to install

AIGA SAS equipment is installed on the spot and placed into a section of the pipework, no matter the direction or the length of pipe.


A pre-filtering kit is recommended so as to avoid any deposits of suspended materials or iron particles in the systems, as those could cause long-term damage to their working. Installing those in a by-pass is not essential, except when filters are being maintained: the water should always pass through the complete system for guaranteed results.


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